Be Invited


The Be-Invited project has come to an end.

Every week between November 2013 and December 2014 a new little film has been showing here.

The idea was to allow moments of pause and awareness.

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All films are still in the
archive section. 

At the end of the project I asked for
my friends favourite films.

Here is the last film of the project, which in a way has been the start of this idea.

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all films are protected under copyright law © Riedelsheimer


John Caulkins, Entrepreneur, USA / Alejandro González Iñárritu, Film Director, USA / Manuel Arango, Philanthropist, Mexico / Maria Eladia Hagerman, USA / Dominique Haim, Art Dealer, Collector, USA, France / Karl-Heinz Geissler, Time-Explorer, Germany / Koji Yagi, Architect, Japan / Deepak Tandon, Artist, India / Ralph Thoms, Head of NaturVision Filmfestival, Germany / Wolfgang Treu, Cinematographer, Germany / Kay Hoffmann, Head of Research Documentary Film Center, Germany / Cristina Iglesias, Artist, Spain / Anne Even, Commissioning Editor ARTE/ZDF, Germany / Ellen Primack, Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, Executive Director, USA / Pascale Raynaud, Head of Film and Cultural Affairs Louvre, France / Shunji Ishida, Renzo Piano Workshop, Italy / Hans-Christian Boese, Piffl Medien Film Distribution, Germany / Evelyn Voigt-Müller, Journalist, Editor „Der Kameramann“, Germany / Gisela Tuchtenhagen, Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Germany / Yasuko and Susumu Shingu, Artists, Japan / Rodolfo Ogarrio, CEO FUNDEA, Mexico / Leslie Hills, Film Producer, Scotland / Evelyn Glennie, Musician, Great Britain / Fred Frith, Musician, USA / Andres Veiel, Film Director, Germany / Tamás Wormser, Film Director, Canada / Heidi Specogna, Film Director, Germany / Claas Danielsen, Head of Leipzig Film Festival, Germany / Véronique Jaeger, Galerie Jaeger Bucher, France / Hubert Sauper, Film Director, France / Stefan Tolz, Producer Film Director, Georgia / Peter Mettler, Film Director , Canada / Colin Browne, Poet, Writer, Film Director, Canada / Sabine Rollberg, Commissioning Editor ARTE/WDR, Germany / Malte Jaspersen, Radio Producer, Japan / Stephen and Justine Ashton, Society for Advancement of the Arts and Film, USA / Hengameh Panahi, CEO Celluloid Dreams Film Distribution, France / Bea Cuttat, Head of LOOK NOW! Filmdistribution, Switzerland / Heidi Gronauer, Head of ZeLIG Filmschool, Italy / Patrick Hörl, CEO Autentic documentaries, Germany / Broderick Fox, Filmmaker, Professor, USA / Fritz Lietsch, Publisher CEO Altop and Eco-World, Germany / Erkki Astala, Commissioning Editor YLE, Finland / Alison Watt, Painter, Scotland /

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