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Yasuko and Susumu Shingu, Artists, Japan / Rodolfo Ogarrio, CEO FUNDEA, Mexico / Leslie Hills, Film Producer, Scotland / Evelyn Glennie, Musician, Great Britain / Fred Frith, Musician, USA / Andres Veiel, Film Director, Germany / Tamás Wormser, Film Director, Canada / Andrés Jauernick, Film Producer, Bolivia / Heidi Specogna, Film Director, Germany / Claas Danielsen, Head of Leipzig Film Festival, Germany / Véronique Jaeger, Galerie Jaeger Bucher, France / Elizabeth Klinck, Visual Researcher, Canada / Hubert Sauper, Film Director, France / Stefan Tolz, Producer Film Director, Georgia / Peter Mettler, Film Director , Canada / Rina Fraticelli, Canada / Larissa Trüby, Film Director, Germany / Christoph Hübner, Film Director, Germany / Nancy Pearson, Mexico / Colin Browne, Poet, Writer, Film Director, Canada / Sabine Rollberg, Commissioning Editor ARTE/WDR, Germany / Malte Jaspersen, Radio Producer, Japan / Marian Penner Bancroft, Photographer, Canada / Stephen and Justine Ashton, Society for Advancement of the Arts and Film, USA / Thomas Wartmann, Film Director, Film Producer, Germany / Dr. Kathrin Stengel, Author, CEO Upper West Side Philosophers, USA /  Hengameh Panahi, CEO Celluloid Dreams Film Distribution, France / Bea Cuttat, Head of LOOK NOW! Filmdistribution, Switzerland / Jürgen Kemmer, Director of Photography, Germany / Claudia Riedelsheimer, Teacher, Germany / Dagmar Walser, Author, Germany / Rita Wong, Author, Canada / Julie Pate, Artist, USA / Ernesto Canales Santos, Lawyer, Film Producer, Mexico / Waldemar Hauschild, Director of Photography, Germany / Volker Tittel, Director of Photography, Germany / Max Hundelshausen, Composer, Germany / Verena Rommel-Scholz, Landscape Architect, Germany / Sabine Kuhn-Stephan, Interior Architect, Germany / Liane Oelke, Consul Assistant, Canada / Thomas Radigk, Journalist, Germany / Bianca Bodau, Author, Film Director, Germany / Gunnar Walther, Germany / Nicole Houwer, Author, Film Producer, Germany / Florian Schewe, Film Director, Germany / Christoph von Schönburg, Sound Designer, Germany / Alexander Schlichter, Director and Cinematographer, Germany / Hubert Wildgruber, Germany / Alexa Schulz, Film Director, Germany / Arvid Müller, Photographer, Germany / Rick Minnich, Film Director, Germany / Verena Buratti, Germany / Annkathrin Müller, Student, Germany / Marc von Stürler, Soundman, Switzerland / Sarah Blum, Film Director, France / Heidi Gronauer, Head of ZeLIG Filmschool, Italy / Christel Kalil, South Africa / Patrick Hörl, CEO Autentic documentaries, Germany / Broderick Fox, Filmmaker, Professor, USA / Ayda Duroux, Finland / Fritz Lietsch, Publisher CEO Altop and Eco-World, Germany / Anna Brass, Film Director, Germany / Matthias Klie, Actor, Germany / Ingrid Molnar, Germany / Ferdinand Leopolder, Director MEDMA e.v., Germany / Erkki Astala, Commissioning Editor YLE, Finland / Sharon Tamaro, Epidemiologist, Canada / Kirk Tougas, Cinematographer, Canada / Reiner Holzemer, Film Director, Germany / Birgit Stoll-Holzemer, Teacher, Germany / Hartmut Jahn, Film Director, Germany / Gundula Ebert, Art Teacher, Germany / Andreas Schnögl, Film Director, Germany / Wolfram Seipp, Film Director, Germany / Alberto Giordano, Journalist, Italy / Peter Clausen, Film Producer, Germany / Anni Seitz, Film Director, Germany / Caroline Kokawke, CEO Maßwerk, Germany / Helga Geiger, Italy / Andreas Hase, Germany / Hella Biernath, Architect, Germany / Katrina Howard, Canada / Friedrich Steinhardt, Germany / Christian W. Werka, Germany / Michele Rossi, Musician, Germany / Claus Deubel, Cinematographer, Germany / Ariane Erdelt, Actress, Germany / Gotlind Timmermanns, Germany / Lena Scheidgen, Film Director, Germany / Marilyn Janssen, Sound Designer, Germany / Therese Anderson, Germany / Katharina Jacobs, Film Producer, Germany / Maiken Winter, CEO Wissen Leben e.V., Germany, Amel Lacombe, Eurozoom Cinema Distribution, France / Wolfgang Hagemann, Germany / Heribert Blondiau, Author, Filmmaker, Germany / Fabian Hentzen, Film Tutor, Germany / Angelika Schwarz, Germany / Gerald Koll, Author, Filmmaker, Germany / Christel Kalil, South Africa / Annette Jahnhorst, CEO Agentur für Bild Kunst, Germany / Maike Conway, Film Director, Germany / Felix Riedelsheimer, Student, Germany / Carl A. Fechner, Film Producer, Germany / Dominik Wessely, Film Director, Professor, Germany / Daniela Hundelshausen, Germany / Benjamin Loeb, Cinematographer, USA /  Thorsten Schütte, Film Director, Tutor, Germany / Andy Ammer, Author, Filmmaker, Germany / Ellen Primack, Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, Executive Director, USA / Eva Zimmermann, Filmmaker, Germany / Pascale Raynaud, Head of Film and Cultural Affairs Louvre, France / Hans-Christian Boese, Piffl Medien Film Distribution, Germany / Dr. Alexander Schwarz, Tolle Idee! Agency, Germany / Wolfram Seeger, Filmmaker, Germany / Monika Dufner, Mensch und Natur e.V., Germany / German Kral, Filmmaker, Germany / Yuki Kowalski, Editor, Translator, Germany / Evelyn Voigt-Müller, Journalist, Editor „Der Kameramann“, Germany / Gisela Tuchtenhagen, Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Germany / Roswitha Ziegler, Filmmaker, Germany / Dave Tarvit, Producer, Scotland / Lilo Mangelsdorff, CEO Cinetix Medien, Germany / Liza and Sebastian Heinzel, Filmmaker, Germany / Anne Even, Commissioning Editor ARTE/ZDF, Germany / Shunji Ishida, Renzo Piano Workshop, Italy / Tom Wommer, Film Producer, Germany /Marina Schlagintweit, Composer, Soud Engineer, Germany / Nahoko Fort-Nishigami, Dancer, Actress, Austria / Christine Grossschmid, Teacher, Germany / Nicola Seipp, Journalist, Germany / Christian Doermer, Actor, Author, Germany / Julia Wiegand, Editor, Germany / Thorolf Lipp, Filmmaker, Producer, Germany / Jörg Langer, Langer Media Consulting, Germany / Anna Hudak, Germany / Bridget Irene Pastor, International Film School, Germany / Michael Paeschke, Arcitect, Germany / André Buttler, Composer, Germany /Thomas Ch. Weber, Cinematographer, Germany / Kay Hoffmann, Head of Research Documentary Film Center, Germany / Enno Guevara / Cristina Iglesias, Artist, Spain / Thomas Lauterbach, Film Director, Germany / Stefan Neuberger, Film Director, Cinematographer, Germany / Alfredo Barroso, Diver, Mexico / Dr. Brigitte Stechhammer, Innovationscoach, Corporate Art, Germany / Susanne Simpson, Architect, Germany / Werner Nowotny, Psychoanalyst, Germany / Hilary Walle-Jensen, Graphic Designer, Homemaker, Canada / Kathrin Peters, CEO Teleconnect, Germany / Matti Bauer, Filmmaker, Germany / Ulrich Michels, Germany / Wolfgang Treu, Cinematographer, Germany / Thomas Merker, Cinematographer, Germany / Thomas Raudzus, Germany / Yosuke Taki, Theatre Director, Artist and Writer, Italy, Darina Allen, CEO Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland, Miriam Pucitta-Chauvistré, Filmmaker, Germany / Markus Schindler, Camera Assistant, Filmmaker, Germany / Antje Starost & Hans Helmut Grotjahn , Filmmakers, Germany / Claudia Härtter, Accountant, Germany / Jens Christian Börner, Germany / Beatrice Voigt, Art and Culture Projects, Germany / Regina Kremsreiter, Germany / Deepak Tandon, Artist, India / Ralph Thoms, Head of NaturVision Filmfestival, Germany / Matthias Fuchs, Cinematographer, Germany / Urs Schnell, Filmmaker, Switzerland / Silke Nikowski, Author, Actress, Germany / Yasmin C. Rams, Producer, Filmmaker, Germany / Frauke Sandig, Filmmaker, Germany / Pavel Schnabel, Filmmaker, Germany / Christian Meeto Müller-Menckens, Germany / Anett Vietzke, Filmmaker, Germany / Joana Cabral, Portugal / Gerlinde Waz, Germany / Ginette Castro, Architect, USA / Thomas Obermeier, Engineer, Germany / Ulrike Haage, Composer, Pianist / Germany / Britta Sauer, Germany / Andreas Kind, Cultural Workshop Bottrop, Germany / Andrea Roggon, Filmmaker, Germany / Dr. Horst Mühlenbeck, Film Director, Producer, Germany / Angelika Schedel, Lecturer, Germany / Koji Yagi, Architect, Japan / Susan Gluth, Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Germany / Klaus-Herbert Kinast, Children´s Hospice, Germany /Jørgen Walle-Jensen, Computer Engineer, Canada / Jonesse Südkurs, Germany / Hanna Schuster, Production Manager, Germany / Anke Kanghardt, Germany / Clemens Krueger, Germany / Susanne Guggenberger, Germany / Jonas Geissler, Timesandmore, Germany / Maria Eladia Hagerman, USA / Alejandro González Iñárritu, Film Director, USA / Karl-Heinz Geissler, Time Explorer, Germany / Elisabeth Arnold, Germany / Martin Farkas, Cinematographer, Germany / Jeanette Riesch Seitler, Germany / Dennis Siebold, Germany / Monika Schmid, Germany / Johanna Stamm, Germany / Sylvie Banuls, Filmmaker, Germany / Regine Nickelsen, Germany / Katharina Fiedler, Film Editor, Germany / Christian Wagner, Film Director and Producer , Germany / Lorenzo Beltran, Dive Master, Mexico / Dominique Haim, Art Dealer, Collector, USA, France / Carlo Polidori, I Gergoni, Italy / Yoshiki Waterhouse, USA / Eva Zundel, artist / Patti Koeslag, Canada / Onur Teke, Italy / Shunta Ishida, Japan / Gigi Priano, Italy / Francesca Bianchi, France / Snitka Vaschek, Germany / Huckleberry Eve / Eva Gagel, Germany / Maria Anastasia Druckenthaner / Ebba Jahn, artist, Germany / Frau Hue / Sibylle Tiedermann / Marian Engel / Eline ´t Sant, artist, Netherlands / Alice Lewis / Grebo Gray, artist, Serbia / Xilix Dit Xilix / Manuel Arango, Philanthropist, Mexico / Isabel De Llano / Stefan Robiné, ZDF/ARD Media Academy, Germany / Sophie Jarry, France / Hank Ritschny, Germany / Dr. Karin Zimmermann, Anaesthetist, Germany / John Caulkins, Entrepreneur, USA / Kai von Westermann, Cinematographer, Germany / Angelica Rohmer / Guillermina Cisneros, FUNDEA, Mexico / Monika Pitterle, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Germany / Israel Hernández Díaz / Alida Szabo, Germany / Film-Moment Berlin / Pamela Cohn, Albania / David McIlwraith, USA / Masahiko Monzen, Japan / Mieko Matsumoto, France / Maria Obermeier, student, Germany / Undine Siepker, Germany / Marcel Grätz, student, Germany / Hiroshi Yamaguchi, architect, Japan / Norio Takata, Japan / Jennifer Greitschus / Florian Bolle, France / Nils Herland, architect, Norway / Torben Kjær, architect, Denmark / Françoise Fromonot / Loïc Couton / Armando Birlain, architect, Mexico / Aymeric Lorente, Germany / Brett Terpeluk / Cameron Cooper, designer, USA / Carla Biagioli / Catherine Hayward, architect, France /Aomi Okabe / Daniel Hurtubise, Canada / Danielle Reimers / Farshid Moussavi, architect, Great Britain / Gregory Melitonov / Jan Sircus, Canada / Jonathan Jones, Italy / Judith Bing, architect, USA/ Larissa Gentile, USA / Larissa Sudbrack, Brasil / Marcella Pralormo / Marion Goerdt / Masayuki Fuchigami / Shauna Paull / Luana Carina Knipfer / Walter Korinek / Dorothee Beck-Westphal, Germany / Christian Bayer, Germany / Jessica Ehlebracht, film editor, Germany / Hilda Nowotny, breathing teacher, Germany / Catharina Clausen, NaturVision Filmfestival Germany / Axel Weiss, editor SWR, Germany / Carlos Alvarez Vela, Filmmaker, Germany / Veronica Fayos Vidal / Georgina Owen / Hannah Seitz / Barbara Kohlhas, creative director, Germany / Michele Owen, USA / Silke Cecilia Schultz, Writing Coach, Germany / Jana Niemeyer / Helga Rosenbauer / Christian Oberdorf / Svetlana and Zoran Popovic, filmmakers, festival organisation, Serbia / Piero Russo / Toribio Quintero / Elizabeth Carolina Sosa / Sarah Sandring, Filmmaker, Germany / Tamoko Yagi, Canada / Bernd Bechtloff, Musician, Austria /